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it will be yet another noobish zombie movie but better than any of my subbmissions so far oh and check out random skitz to because i think its kind of funny!


2008-10-16 03:26:28 by pivotemperor

although none of you actually care im working on an untitled flash right now its about 15% complete

new flash

2008-10-02 22:24:43 by pivotemperor

i have subbmitted zombeh plauge (not the old one)
hopefully it will not be blamed it is not a very substantual flash though its kinda short and way i made it for haloween yes yes i know haloween is far away but i felt like posting it early

peace out!

new flash


2008-09-14 03:48:12 by pivotemperor

its done and ive decided 2 make it a series so i can get it out quicker i dont know if its been blamed yet

its pretty much done lol

2008-09-11 07:12:48 by pivotemperor

its like 20 seconds long but its okay hopfully it wont be blamed

edit its no where near done im adding stuff

its pretty much done lol


2008-09-11 06:26:35 by pivotemperor

im currently working on an animation called zombie plauge heres a pic


just started

2008-08-14 02:04:33 by pivotemperor

im currently learning flash and hope to make something a little better soon but for now all i can do is draw ,not animate , draw